Nicholas Tse moves out of house to escape from Zhou Xun?

Nicholas Tse and Zhou Xun’s alleged romance has shocked the entertainment industry. The couple was exposed to have dated for a year and Zhou Xun has even moved into the same apartment building which Nicholas is staying. The latest tabloids now reported that Zhou Xun was the one making the first move on Nicholas. ...

Kevin Cheng reduces workload to seek his other half

Kevin Cheng’s popularity soars after starring in blockbuster dramas, Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭> and Scarlet Heart <步步惊心>. As his market value increases, his remuneration reportedly has skyrocketed to HK30 million after filming three mainland dramas. Responding on his millionaire status, the TVB actor said ...

Jordan Chan stops filming for two years for baby

After three years of marriage, Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying finally welcome their first baby, Jasper on 1 July 2013. Weighing at 6 pounds, baby Jasper was delivered via Cesarean section. Luckily for Jordan, he managed to rush back from Tianjin to witness the birth of his boy. Jordan was full of admiration for his wife ...

Gillian Chung opens up on breakup with boyfriend

Gillian Chung’s romance with Korean ex-boyfriend, Tyler ended after dating briefly for 10 months. There were speculations that the couple could not sustain their long-distance relationship, Gillian could not tolerate Tyler’s male chauvinist behaviour and that he was often surrounded by women. For the first ...

Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying welcome first baby

Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying welcome their first baby yesterday. Today, Cherrie shared the happy news on her Weibo, “On 1 July 2013, it’s like a dream and even till today, I cannot believe it is real. Jasper: we love you so much.” Cherrie also uploaded a maternity shoot of herself with Jordan. Cherrie...

Cecilia Cheung has a new beau?

Cecilia Cheung reportedly has a new man in her life, and that is, Hong Kong boy band C Allstar’s lead vocalist, Andy Leung. Dressed in a young outfit, 33-year-old Cecilia was spotted picking up her alleged new beau, Andy after his event on 26 June 2013. Although Andy was seven years younger than Cecilia, he [&hel...

Moses Chan: “The baby is a gift from heaven”

More endorsements are rolling in for Moses Chan after his wedding with Aimee Chan. The TVB actor also had an early experience of how it is like to be a father after carrying a boy at a promotional event in Guangzhou, China. Moses was looking radiant after his marriage. He shared that he did not lost […]

It’s over for Shawn Yue and Kary Ng

Dating for less than a year, Shawn Yue and Kary Ng have called it quits. Yesterday, Kary issued a statement via her Facebook and announced the end of relationship between her and Shawn. “After a year of love, respect and adoration, Shawn and I have decided to go our separate ways in pursuit of our […]

Fala Chen hints breakup with alleged husband

At a promotional event for a cosmetic brand yesterday, Fala Chen finally addressed the rumours surrounding her and her alleged husband, Daniel Sit. The relationship of Fala and the Neway heir came to light after they were photographed dating in 2007. The couple reportedly had been cohabiting and even rumoured to have t...

Raymond Lam and Karena Ng tying the knot soon?

Tabloids claimed that Raymond Lam and Karena Ng were planning for a secret wedding and will be holding a 100-table banquet. 33-year-old Raymond is madly in love with the 19-year-old starlet, Karena. Since declaring their romance, the TVB actor has professed his love for her publicly and even shared that he “likes...

Christine Kuo ordered to lose weight

Christine Kuo has been ordered to lose weight after her weight ballooned from 115 pounds (52 kg) to 150 pounds (68 kg). The TVB actress has always attributed stress and water retention to her weight gain and even vows to actively lose weight. However, while attending an event last week, Christine has visibly put on [&h...

Fala Chen and boyfriend hitting a rough patch

Tabloids claimed that Fala Chen’s relationship with Neway heir, Daniel Sit was going through a rough patch. After her contract with TVB expired, Fala has decided not to renew it and has plans to set up an artiste management company to recruit newcomers in the showbiz. Her boyfriend, Daniel initially has agreed to...

Michael Miu kisses woman in front of wife

Hong Kong tabloids reported that Michael Miu treated his wife, Jamie Chik transparent and publicly hugged and kissed another woman in front of her. This is not the first time in which tabloids caught hold of Michael’s affectionate behaviour to the opposite sex. Recently, he was photographed kissing Eric TsangR...

Aimee Chan spotted with baby bump

The paparazzi managed to snap a photo of Aimee Chan with baby bump. After a romantic wedding in Paris, Moses Chan returned to Hong Kong to resume his work, whereas Aimee headed back to her parents’ place at Toronto to prepare for her pregnancy. To avoid the paparazzi, Aimee avoided taking the direct flight. Inste...

Marco Ngai attempts to reconcile with Joyce Tang last year

Things have gotten complicated and uglier for ex-couple, Joyce Tang and Marco Ngai. Earlier, Joyce exposed that Marco had attempted to seek reconciliation with her by text messages. Marco shot down her statement by saying that he had moved on and he had stop contacting her many years ago. During the promotion of a TVB ...