Why did Yoga Lin choose Kiki Ting instead of G.E.M. Tang?

29-year-old Taiwanese singer, Yoga Lin started dating Kiki Ting, 3 years his senior in 2014. After 2 years of dating, Yoga successfully proposed to Kiki and the couple will be tying the knot next year. Yoga used to date Hongkong singer, G.E.M. Tang. In 2013, he also walked hand-in-hand with G.E.M. at the red carpet of ...

G.E.M. Tang being mocked like wearing diapers

G.E.M. Tang attended the QQ Music Awards Ceremony in Shenzhen recently. The 24-year-old Hong Kong singer won the the Best Singer in Hong Kong / Taiwan region and the Best Album. However, it was G.E.M.’s outfit which has become a talking point! During her performance, G.E.M. wore a fluorescent yellow fur coat, mat...
GEM Tang

G.E.M. Tang’s London concert a flop? Tickets sold for £0

Hong Kong singer G.E.M. Tang shot to popularity in recent years. Yesterday, G.E.M. announced the end of her 73rd concert world tour on Weibo and thanked her working crew and fans for their support in these two years. However, Hong Kong report said that tickets for G.E.M.’s concert at London were not selling. Neti...

G.E.M. Tang slammed for being showy after using iPhone to play ping pong

Hong Kong singer, G.E.M. Tang is not new to having negative reports. After appearing in Chinese singing competition, I Am a Singer, the young singer has been slammed for being disrespectful and snobbish by the media. Recently, a video clip which was supposed to be light-hearted also did not went well with the netizens....

JJ Lin caught on a date with G.E.M. Tang!

A photo of JJ Lin and G.E.M. Tang has sent fans into a frenzy! A few days ago, a fan spotted G.E.M. at a restaurant and asked for a photo with her. When the fan posted the photo on the social media, eagled-eye netizens actually spotted JJ, standing behind G.E.M! Many fans started to speculate […]

Yoga Lin hints that G.E.M. Tang is “hypocrite”?

G.E.M. Tang recently revealed that she had once dreamt of her ex-boyfriend, Yoga Lin and his new girlfriend, Kiki Ting.  A few days later, Yoga also posted on his Facebook, “I have read too many hypocritical stories and I am immune to it now. Those who are hypocrites are still the same. During days of […]...

Netizens mock G.E.M. Tang for having “3 seconds memory”

G.E.M. Tang has concentrated her singing career in China in the recent two years. Having been away from Hong Kong for too long, G.E.M. found everything at home to be refreshing even if it was just taking the subway. Recently, she posted a message on her micro-blog, “This is my first time taking the subway [&helli...

G.E.M. Tang slammed for being disrespectful to media

Since shooting to fame, G.E.M. Tang has come under fire for her diva like behaviour. Earlier, she was slammed for being disrespectful to the media during a press conference. Her manager had then pointed out that G.E.M. was an international star and could only conduct one round of interview. At the Metro Radio Hits Musi...

G.E.M. Tang being criticised for turning up late twice

Since G.E.M. Tang’s popularity skyrocketed, she has come under fire for her alleged diva behaviour. At a press conference last month, G.E.M.’s manager pointed out that G.E.M. was an international star now and could only conduct one round of interview. And now, at the recent Metro Radio Hits Music Awards, G....

G.E.M. Tang upset over hoax photos

G.E.M. Tang is extremely upset when a series of provocative photos, directed at her have been circulating on the web. In the photos, a topless woman who was purported to be G.E.M. posed seductively with intense facial expressions. According to the analysis by netizens, the woman in the photo is not G.E.M. as she had [&...