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Ruco Chan gets 6 stitches on his ear after injured on set

While filming a fighting scene with his rumoured girlfriend Nancy Wu, Ruco Chan’s ear was injured on the film set of their new drama The Alliance <同盟>. Reports said that Nancy had accidentally ripped off the earring from Ruco’s ear, and resulted in a deep wound on his left ear. Ruco reportedly was sen...

Lynn Hung announces marriage

Lynn Hung has announced her marriage with businessman boyfriend, Ken Kwok! Attaching a picture with her husband on Weibo on October 27, 2016, she said, “We are married!’ Coincidentally, Lynn’s ex-boyfriend Aaron Kwok’s birthday fell on October 26, 2016, a day before her wedding announcement. Lyn...

Dylan Kuo seen dating a young model 17 years his junior

Early this year in March, Taiwanese actor Dylan Kuo was photographed on a date with 22-year-old model, Genie Chen. He denied their relationship at that time. A few days ago, the 39-year-old Dylan was spotted with Genie again having a meal together. After they finished the dinner, Genie held onto Dylan’s arm and w...

Ella Chen confirms pregnancy!

Ella Chen has finally confirmed her pregnancy! Recently, Ella was rumoured to be pregnant after she rejected being a spokesperson for an alcohol brand. On October 22, Ella finally shared the happy secret on her Facebook. She said, “With my personality that can’t hide anything, this really drives me nuts! I ...

Ella Chen is pregnant?

d Ella Chen was rumoured to be pregnant recently after she declined an alcohol advertisement. Taiwanese report said that Ella had been liaising on the alcohol advertisement since June, but suddenly rejected doing the ad due to her pregnancy. Ella was said to be worried that being the spokesperson for an alcohol brand w...

Fan Bingbing and Li Chen have secretly registered for marriage?

Fan Bingbing and Li Chen have a high-profile relationship since opening up on their romance last May. Bingbing has also said before, “Li Chen will be my last boyfriend”, obviously acknowledging him as her significant half. Recently, media reports reported that the couple had already registered for marriage!...

Wang Baoqiang speaks on divorce: It’s painful, I will make a fresh start

A few months ago, Chinese film star, Wang Baoqiang announced that he was divorcing his wife, Ma Rong and would be firing his agent, Song Zhe because of their extramarital affair. Recently, Wang Baoqiang addressed his divorce for the first time at the press conference of his new film Buddies In India <大闹天竺>. He sa...

Huang Xiaoming confirms Angelababy’s pregnancy

Recent rumours are rife that Angelababy is pregnant, and Huang Xiaoming has finally confirmed his wife’s pregnancy! Xiaoming took the opportunity to announce the baby news on his Weibo on October 8, which also marked his first wedding anniversary. He posted a photo of him and Angelababy on a yacht, and said, R...

Ruco Chan seen driving Nancy Wu home

Rumours are circling that onscreen couple of A Fist Within Four Walls <城寨英雄>, Ruco Chan and Nancy Wu have been dating for a month. Recently, the rumoured couple is also collaborating in a new drama The Alliance <同盟>. Although both Ruco and Nancy have denied their rumours, tabloids claimed that Nancy preferr...

Angelababy rumoured to be pregnant for 3 months

Recently, rumours are circling that Angelababy is pregnant! A netizen revealed that she bumped into Angelababy in a hospital when she visited her obstetrician. The netizen said, “She looked like she was 15 weeks or 3 months pregnant.” According to Hong Kong media, Huang Xiaoming was ecstatically happy after...

Moses Chan: My wife is working hard to slim down

Moses Chan attended a dessert shop event, and revealed his intention to open a coffee house. He said, “That has to wait later. There are many factors to consider such as rental. The earliest is next year.” Moses said that he would not give up acting because of his coffee business. Recently, Aimee Chan was s...

Him Law delivers super big abalones as betrothal gifts

Him Law and Tavia Yeung have been busy preparing for their wedding next month. Today is also their betrothal day, in which the groom delivers the betrothal gifts to the bride’s family. As Him grew up in a walled village, he tends to follow the Chinese tradition customary. Him personally prepared palm-sized abalon...

Ruby Lin admits pregnancy

Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo tied the knot in Bali on July 31, 2016. There were suspicions at that time that Ruby might be pregnant. When her pregnancy rumours circulated, Ruby did not deny but said, “I will share if there is any good news.” Yesterday, Ruby attended a fashion event with a black coat […]